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Bodensee-ABC for your stay on Lake Constance 

Three neighbouring countries with one external frontier of the EU

For private boats on Lake Constance applies the simplified customs clearance, which has been issued by all three countries as a general agreement.

Personal checks will not take place as a rule, but of course, exceptions prove the rule, as always. Of course, all people in the border region have to have a valid identity document with them.

The goods on board must not be subject of import/export regulations. Otherwise the goods must be declared in a customs harbour.

If the boat was repaired, renovated or got new accessories in a foreign country, the import should be checked upfront with customs in the home country. A non-declaration may violate regulations and lead to significant penalties in such cases.

Landings with customs office (D) Öhningen-Oberstaad + Wangen + Hemmenhofen + Gaienhofen = announcements: +49-(0)7731-143190

Landings with customs office (D) Radolfzell + Insel Reichenau + Konstanz Hafen + Mainau = announcements +49-(0)7531-124260

Landings with customs office (D) Überlingen + Meersburg + Friedrichshafen + Langenargen = announcements +49-(0)7541-3887310

Landing with customs office (D) Lindau = announcements +49-(0)8382-277530

Landings with custom office (A) Seehafen Bregenz = announcements +43-(0)5574-699569009

Landing with customs office (A) Hard = announcements +43-(0)5574-699569006

Landings with custom office (CH) Romanshorn = announcements +41-(0)71-4667380




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